If you want to establish a secure connection to your systems, VPN is the right solution. We offer you the opportunity to establish a secure connection to your production plant and machinery through the use of our ATESI VPN Service-Portal eine sichere Verbindung zu Ihren Anlagen und Maschinen aufzubauen. Worldwide!

Plant operators and service technicians have the ability to access a machines control components through a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) channel via the ‘ATESI Service Portal’. You can check the system status in detail and, where appropriate, modify parameters. In addition you can deploy syoftware updates for example.


  • Security through Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • automatic configuration of the router
  • only outgoing connections to the Atesi-VPN-Server necessary
  • lokal network is not used / accessible
  • Network connection without additional-setting adjustments
  • Easy setup
  • Access to all devices behind the router via Smartphone or Tablet
  • direct connection with any browser via uinique URL

Case example: